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About Us

We are a team of energy and water experts who believe in a future with abundant clean energy, where environmental responsibility doesn’t mean sacrifice. Using today’s building and renewable energy technologies, we can help make this happen by investing in our homes to make them more modern, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

We believe in the PACE program so much that we built a business around it.  The flexible and affordable financing model, the savings on utility and water bills, and the long-term environmental benefits all come to together to make us excited to help people take advantage of these opportunities.

In 2017, we were awarded a $1.5M U.S. Department of Energy Sunshot Grant to continue developing technology to drive adoption of solar and energy-efficiency, specifically in under-served communities that traditionally don’t have the resources to invest in these projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help 10 million homeowners and building owners plan smart remodeling projects and finance them affordably. Doing this will save enough electricity to power 15 million electric vehicles and reduce U.S. oil dependence by 200 million barrels every year.

Meet the Team


Micah Myers



Gary Kremen

Executive Chairperson


Brad Bowery


Field Leadership

Spencer Porcella

Field Marketing Director

Lorena Nicholls

Regional Sales Director

Meredith McClintock

VP of Operations

Home Improvement Consultants

Michael Marden


Michelle Groce


Eric Nichols


Brian Grupe


Sean McLaren


Steve Peterson


Ramon Rodriguez



David Curley

Project Operations Manager

Alex Parker

Engineering Manager

Ian Collins

Business Operations

Candace Rozman

Field Operations Coordinator

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Satisified Homeowners

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews
Kristie W.
Concord, CA

The Pace Avenue experience was fantastic!

All the way from the very first meeting through to the completed installation, the Pace Avenue experience was fantastic! The crew they have is organized and responsive. They kept in constant contact, walking us through every step of the process so we never were left wondering what the next step was or if the project was ever going to be completed. Overall very positive experience with their team.

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews
Lisa B.
San Jose, CA

As simple and pain-free as we could’ve hoped for!

Pace Avenue was professional in helping us install both a new roof and solar panels on our home. It was as simple and pain-free as we could’ve hoped for!

Five Star Reviews - 5 star Reviews
Richard B.
Concord, CA

My experience with Pace Avenue was great.

We did a front yard water saving project and the people at Pace were very friendly… The project was completed as promised.