At Pace Avenue, we love anyone who has a background in serving people, particularly in the restaurant industry. Customer service is at the heart of what we do and employees with a restaurant background know that better than anyone else!

Originally from Texas, Steven Cowey has been working at restaurants for about 15 years. He worked several different positions such as a bartender, bus boy, dishwasher etc. You name it, he’s done it all! The work experience at a restaurant taught him customer service, adaptability, and several other lessons that aren’t necessarily taught in a classroom. Steven’s true passion is in helping people who really needed it. At Pace Avenue, he found a company who’s mission goes beyond selling products by addressing the needs of homeowners who are eligible for local programs that make these important home improvements possible.

As a Consultant at Pace Avenue, Steven’s key responsibilities include:

  • Developing a rapport with our customers in the field
  • Sharing his expertise on the various energy-saving products and services that will make the biggest difference for the homeowners
  • Helping them understand the different financing options available to them, how they work and what possibilities they create
  • Assisting the homeowner throughout the entire project to ensure a successful result and positive experience

With a background in customer service, Steven’s approach represents a great example of the consultative approach that we take with our customers. Much of his success has been driven by his unparalleled knowledge of energy-saving technologies and his ability to establish a trusting relationship with his clients. Any home improvement is a major decision for customers who have already made a significant investment in their home. The results speak for themselves as Steven has been a top performer ever since joining the team!