What does Pace Avenue do?

Here at Pace Avenue we help homeowners get financing for their clean energy home improvements and source high quality and trustworthy contractors to see your project through to completion.

At Pace Avenue, we introduce residential property owners to a new financing alternative to help them afford green home improvement projects. PACE financing allows zero money down, tax deductible interest rates, and flexible payment terms. Property assessed clean energy financing, or PACE for short, allows property owners to make clean energy improvements to their properties and is repaid through property taxes. In areas where the local government has approved PACE financing programs, Pace Avenue can help you make upgrades in the spheres of energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and water conservation. So what does Pace Avenue do? We make the home improvement process easy and affordable and make our homes more efficient.

Getting the Best Project

Our role in helping homeowners get the improvements they need is to guide them through the entire process and arrange all of the construction and financing. When a homeowner chooses to work with Pace Avenue, we will first work with them to help understand the scope of the project. Our experienced and friendly home improvement consultants will assess the homeowner’s needs and work with a contractor to develop a proposal. We make sure that the contractor is vetted for a good homeowner experience and project quality.

Getting the Best Financing

In addition to ensuring our clients a smooth and quality project, we also make projects as affordable as possible. We work with our PACE administrator partners to develop financing plans that offer low costs and high flexibility. We offer terms than range from 5 to 25 years, zero down financing (payments can be deferred for up to 17 months!), and low tax-deductible rates. If you want to see what can Pace Avenue do to help you to get you started on your project click here!


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