Why should I choose to make payments on my property tax bill over traditional financing?

PACE financing is paid as property tax assessment

This has a number of advantages: 

  • When the house is sold the property tax assessment stays with the house instead of following you.
  • More money in your pocket. Most loans require monthly payments. With PACE payments are only made as often as the property tax bill comes. Less frequent payments means more financial flexibility for you! Besides being paid as a property tax assessment, there are many other advantages to PACE.
  • Interest payments are tax deductible.

If you choose to finance your next project through PACE you can expect:

  • Longer terms,
  • Tax advantages that deliver the lowest monthly payments,
  • Zero money down,
  • Payments stay with your property, and
  • No payments for up to seventeen months.

All these are great reasons that traditional financing methods can’t provide you with. We work with our PACE administrator partners to develop financing plans that offer low costs and high flexibility. We offer terms than range from 5 to 25 years, zero down financing (payments can be deferred for up to 17 months!), and low tax-deductible rates. PACE even has some advantages over HELOC!

If you have even more questions related to how PACE financing works and how the payments on the property taxes work don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866.722.3415 or email to contact [email protected] .com (please remove the spaces). We look forward to helping you with your environment and money saving project project!

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