Number one in the country

As it may come as a surprise to some, the state of California is the number one solar state in the country. In 2016, California ranked as the top state for solar – by a long shot. The state’s $46 billion investment in solar has resulted in more solar companies settling in California (2,600) and more homes receiving their power from solar (5.2 million) than anywhere else in the U.S. With growth projections outranking every other state as well, the future for solar in the Golden State looks very, very bright. But, homeowners have very little time left to take advantage of the 30% incentive that is available to them by the end of 2019.

One of the reasons California residents are going solar is due to government approved incentives. With these incentives, going solar has become more affordable than ever. Sadly, after 2019 your solar savings are going to dramatically decrease.

Solar IncentiveSaving Amount
Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)30% of the total system cost
Other ProgramsVariable (Net Metering)

The Federal Investment Tax Credit

Also known as the ITC, California residents are able to receive tax credit amounts of up to 30% of the cost of their solar system. The bad news is that the 30% ITC will start dropping at the end of 2019. The Federal Investment Tax Credit will drop to 26% on 12/31/19. After 12/31/20 it will continue to drop to 22%. Now is the time for Californians to go solar.

YearITC PercentageAverage Savings Amount

Now is the time for you to take action

“Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years.”

Martha Maeda

If you have considered going solar, now is the time. With incentives dropping in the upcoming year, 2019 is the year for California residents to go solar. Want to know how you can get started? Talk to one of our home-improvement advisors, learn about solar, get a FREE proposal, learn about your no upfront cost financing options and lastly start enjoying your savings.