Pace Avenue is focused on bringing solutions that help people in our communities. We are a tech-enabled people organization. Finding and developing great leadership in the field is going to be critical to our success in reaching our goals.

We launched the Sales Management Accelerator Program as a way to hire promising candidates with the potential to quickly develop into roles within our organization that normally require many years of experience. Our goal is to set them on a path to maximize their potential for success by creating a program where they can graduate through several measurable stages that teach them the building blocks to becoming a successful sales leader in our organization.

We want an employee to learn every aspect of our business, starting with the simple concept of finding a potential customer. This is the very beginning of a path to becoming an expert on up to 5 different energy-efficiency home improvements and the various initiatives that make it easy to do these home improvements. During that time, our trainees will develop a comprehensive knowledge of PACE financing while receiving guidance and feedback from more experienced team members.

Early in the program, trainees will develop an understanding of the profile of a typical customer and learn the various ways to find and approach them. As a Team Lead, trainees will learn how to make the team around them better, while gaining proficiency in the various tools and strategies we use to map neighborhoods and optimize our efforts.

Later in the program, trainees will learn the various components of our sales processes, fine tune their product expertise and shadow our sales team before graduating into the sales role.

As a sales consultant, you will gain some of the most valuable soft skill such as customer service. In this role, it is vital to know how to work with all types of people so that you can help them accomplish their personal goals for their homes.

Further along on the sales path, you will learn how to transfer your own valuable knowledge to a new trainee. If you are able to teach another person the skills that you have learned, you show that you have mastered customer service and have become an expert on the Pace Avenue sales approach! These are the responsibilities of a sales consultant mentor.

Going on from there, the next step is to become a sales team lead. You will be able to take on the role of leading an entire team of hard-working sales consultants, like yourself. Leadership is a valuable trait to have, and it teaches you tremendous responsibility.

The ultimate goal on the sales path is to become a regional sales director. A strong leader who has a top notch grasp on product sales may be ready to open up their own region to head. Reaching this level of expertise is not an easy task– but it is possible for a highly motivated individual who goes through our Sales Management Acceleration Program. While the job of a regional sales director is very advanced and would normally be a job for a highly experienced individual, you have the potential of excelling in the position because the program is designed to give employees enough time to learn, process, and master the skills of a sales and marketing consultant.

All in all, this program benefits candidates who don’t necessarily have a ton of customer service experience, but are willing to put in the work to develop those skills. If you are a recent college graduate, this job would be perfect for you.

All that is needed is the desire to gain leadership skills, help others, and make the world a better place.

Individuals who are ambitious, professional, and always looking to learn new skills and improve themselves fit the description of a promising potential candidate. If you share our vision of helping homeowners improve their communities and lead the way to a clean energy future, Pace Avenue might be the dream job for you!